Ice Skates

Whether you’re a high-flying figure skater, a hard-hitting hockey skater, or you just enjoy being on the ice, you need the right skates for the job. It may seem like all ice skates are the same, but there are several different types of skates, and each one is unique to the sport. Contact Pete’s Skate Shop, and we will find the right skates for you!

Hockey Skates

Hockey skates are designed to allow players to skate quickly, make sharp turns, and stop on a dime. They have a short blade with a very pronounced curve. The boots themselves are normally very stiff and are made from a rigid plastic, which gives you that much-needed support as you turn and stop quickly. Check out our selection of top-brand hockey skates, which includes brands such as:

  • Bauer
  • CCM
  • Easton
  • And more

Figure Skates

Figure skates have a longer blade with a less pronounced curve than hockey skates, so they are perfect for quick spins and long sweeping turns. They also have one more feature that hockey skates lack, which is the toe pick used for jumping. The boots are usually made of leather, allowing support and flexibility for skaters to make deep bends before and after jumping. Check out our line of figure skates, including skates from:

  • Roces
  • Jackson Ultima
  • Riedell
  • And more

Ice Skate Sharpening

No matter what sport you play, it’s important to take care of your blades. The more you skate, the duller they become. Dull blades are harder to skate on; therefore you’re more likely to fall and get injured. Regular sharpening will make sure your ice skates cut through the ice, so they last for many more games and competitions.

Sharpening also helps remove any surface rust, which over time, can ruin a perfectly good set of blades. At Pete’s Skate Shop, we can sharpen your blades exactly how you like them, so you’re ready for the big game or competition


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