Hockey Skates in Rockford, IL

Whether you’re playing in a Rockford Park District league or trying out for the Rockford Icehogs, Pete’s Skate Shop is the place to get your hockey skates in Rockford, IL. We also carry a full line of safety gear, sticks, and accessories. Contact us today for all of your favorite brands.

Ice Skates

Hockey skates are designed so players can be quick and powerful on the ice. You must be able to turn sharp and stop on a dime if you want to win. Therefore, hockey skates have a short blade with a very pronounced curve. The boots themselves are stiff and made from a rigid plastic, thus giving you that much needed support as you turn and stop quickly. For all the best brands of hockey skates in Rockford, IL, visit Pete’s Skate Shop. We have brands such as:

  • Bauer
  • CCM
  • Easton
  • And more!

Inline Skates

When you feel like playing hockey, but want to enjoy the warm sun and fresh air, Pete’s Skate Shop has just the thing: inline skates. Inline skates take you off the ice and onto the pavement, so you can play your favorite sport anywhere, anytime. For inline hockey skates in Rockford, IL, visit Pete’s Skate Shop and we’ll get you fitted with the top brands, such as:

  • Tour
  • Bauer
  • CCM
  • And more!

Ice Skate Sharpening

Each time you take to the ice for practices or games, your blades are getting worn out. Dull blades make it harder to skate, causing you to fall and get injured. Regularly sharpening your blades will help keep you safe as you skate hard.

Sharpening your skates will also help remove any surface rust, which over time can ruin a perfectly good set of blades. At Pete’s Skate Shop, we can make sure your blades are sharpened exactly how you like them. As a result, you’ll be ready for the big game.

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