Figure Skating Equipment in Rockford, IL

Whether you’re starting your first day of figure skating or preparing for international figure skating competitions, you need the right equipment to be successful.  For figure skating equipment in Rockford, IL contact Pete’s Skate Shop. We provide top of the line brands in boots, blades, and clothing.


Choosing the right boots is one of the most important steps in being a competitive figure skater. You not only want them to look great, you need them to offer the support and flexibility to make flawless jumps and spins.

You also need them to be comfortable. As you lean into sharp turns, you’ll cause friction on parts of your feet and ankles that you don’t get with normal walking. This can cause painful blisters and tears that make it hard to skate. At Pete’s Skate Shop, we carry all the top brands of figure skating equipment in Rockford, IL and can help find the perfect boots for you. Our brands include:

  • Roces
  • Jackson Ultima
  • Riedell
  • And more!


The blades are another very important part of figure skating. For quick take offs, sharp cuts, and smooth turns, you need a solid set of blades that will keep their edge longer. The right blades will feel good as you glide across the ice. At Pete’s Skate Shop, we carry all your favorite brands and styles of carbon steel blades and stainless steel blades.


Skates are important, but wearing the right clothing as you practice and perform is just as important. If you’re wearing bulky winter coats and jeans, you’ll have a hard time making those sharp turns and jumps. You’ll need something that is lightweight and flexible, like our selection of clothing from all your favorite brands, including:

  • Chloe Noel
  • Ice Time Apparel
  • Mondor
  • And more!


As you learn to skate you’re going to take some falls. Over time, your gear will take a lot of wear and tear. For figure skating equipment in Rockford, IL that will protect you and your skates for years to come, visit Pete’s Skate Shop or see our selection of accessories here.

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