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Whether starting your first day of youth hockey or training for international figure skating competitions, you need the right equipment to help you perform at your best. Contact Pete’s Skate Shop for quality equipment at a great price.

We carry the best brands for your hockey and lacrosse needs, including Under Armour, MCC, Bauer, and more, so you know your equipment will withstand the hard hits of these full-contact sports.

We also carry all the clothing, boots, and accessories you’ll need as a fast spinning, high-flying figure skater.

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Ice Skate Sharpening

At Pete’s Skate Shop, we make sure that your skates are well taken care of. Dull blades make it harder to skate and more likely that you will fall and get injured. We can make sure that your skates stay sharp for every game or competition. Sharp skates ensure that your blades can cut into the ice, allowing you to make the turns and spins that you need to win.

Over time, your blades may also start to rust. Regular ice skate sharpening will remove this rust so that your blades will continue to work day after day.

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